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Tiffin Mats

media : digital : website design

informational side + store side

Pushed for a sleek look to present a mass of information in an organized grid form and have distinct ties to the store side.

media : print : packaging design
The design had to be universal from size to size throughout product shipping while presenting safety and warnings in a clear manner.

media : digital / print : branding / logo design 
This was an embellished updated logo

media : digital / print : branding / logo design These logo were created to promote the eco friendly products that utilized recycled plastic bottles.

media : print : brochure design
This is the cover for an informational brochure for the eco sport mat

media : print : ad designThis was the provided ad space for event sponsorship.

media : digital : ad design
These ads were part of an ad series created to be a library to pulled from.

3D modeling techniques were utilized in the creation of the ad.

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